How to watch NZPTV

Watch NZPTV on your WiFi or internet-enabled television as well as any other connected device.

How to watch NZPTV on your TV

New Zealand Public Television operates much like any other online broadcaster, such as Netflix and Neon etc, but almost everything on NZPTV is free to watch.

Just like other online broadcasters, viewers can watch our content on any device; from a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, to any TV that’s connected to the internet.

To watch NZPTV programmes on your WiFi or internet-enabled TV, just navigate to the TV’s Apps menu, select the web browser icon – Chrome, Firefox, etc – tap in – and start watching any of the shows displayed.

Depending on your set-up at home you may be able to ‘send’ NZPTV shows from your mobile device to your TV.

If you have any questions about watching NZPTV content then please use the contact form and we’ll respond as soon as we can.