What is the price of living a lie? Undercover, a three part documentary series, explores the human cost of the controversial New Zealand Police Undercover Programme, as told by former agents. In Episode One, Going Under, the official undercover programme is launched in the 1970s, as agents begin the war against drugs and take on the might of the Mr Asia crime ring.

A shocking series which goes behind the headlines to find out what it is really like to work as an undercover agent. These are tales from the criminal underworld as told by the people who lived it – and living a lie among dangerous criminals is not for the faint-hearted!

Undercover cops have provided material for countless movies and TV dramas, and their real stories are just as gripping. The show features candid interviews with former agents and their operators, as well as dramatic stylisations of key events. There are stories of friendships made and broken, betrayals, frustrations, and the agents’ ultimate dedication to a cause to make the world a safer place.

This series explores what happens to police officers permitted to take drugs and live long-term, elaborate lies in order to catch criminals. Can testimony from these cops hold up in court? Where does the responsibility for the drug abuse and psychological trauma among undercover agents lie? Their answers – and the stories they tell – will shock, surprise and inspire.

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