Pub Politics with Martyn Bradbury

Pub Politics, Hosted by Martyn Bradbury 8pm weekly Live streamed on The Daily Blog from Chapel Bar on Ponsonby Rd. This episode on the Cannabis Referendum featuring: Deputy Leader of the National Party, Paula Bennett, Leader of the ACT Party, David Seymour, Green Party MP […]

Efeso Collins Auckland City Councillor

The Wellbeing Budget isn’t going to work so well for the people of South Auckland. Here are some very sound bites from Auckland City Councillor Efeso Collins talking about real life for ordinary folks in Manakau at New Zealand Public Television Peoples’ Budget Event.

Beautiful Democracy

Beautiful Democracy is a bright and vibrant exploration of the art and activism surrounding the Pro-Democracy movement in New Zealand. This short documentary follows three groups who are finding dynamic and unconventional ways to engage with, and defend their democratic right during this time of […]

Jim Anderton’s Last Interview

Jim Anderton’s last interview courtesy of Gerd Poleman and Progressive Pictures. The clip somes from Gerd’s upcoming documentary on Jim. James Patrick Anderton CNZM (born James Patrick Byrne; 21 January 1938 – 7 January 2018) was a New Zealand politician who led a succession of […]