Inside New Zealand’s housing crisis

New Zealand is in the grip of a housing crisis. Dateline meets the struggling families living in one of the world’s most unaffordable cities, and the man helping the homeless become home owners.

New Zealand’s Deadly Synthetic Drugs Epidemic

Up until 2014, the sale of synthetic cannabis in New Zealand was considered a global test case for legalised drugs. With the introduction of tighter controls the synthetics market has gone underground, and the harm to the community has spiralled. At least 25 people are […]

Fossil Free Award to Kiwi Bank

Kiwibank, the first bank in the world that has committed to withhold banking services from coal, oil and gas companies ! Filmed by Marney Brosnan – Mahi Pai Media

Siouxsie & The Virus

A science superhero with pink hair wages war on COVID-19 to convince an entire nation to lockdown. With time running out to fight the oncoming pandemic, an unconventional expert delivers vital information to a panicked public. Go behind-the-scenes as Dr Siouxsie Wiles faces a growing […]

Hunger Strike for Climate Change

David Goldsmth has been sitting outside parliament for the last 21 days protesting against government inaction on climate change. For 14 of those days he has been on hunger strike. Bryan Bruce for NZPTV caught up with him via skype to talk about why he […]