Mind the Gap

Award winning documentary maker Bryan Bruce investigates the failure of Neo-liberal economics in New Zealand and what we could do about it. Mind The Gap won Gold at the 2014 New York International Film and Television Awards.

The Māori tennis star who made it to Wimbledon

In 1957 Ruia Morrison from Rotorua became the first New Zealand woman and first Māori to compete at Wimbledon, advancing to the quarter finals. But while the tennis world celebrates one of our greatest achievers, at home in New Zealand, Morrison remains largely unknown. From […]

New Zealand: A Place to Call Home

New Zealand is in the grip of a housing crisis. Auckland has become one of the most unaffordable cities in the world, ranked just behind Sydney, Australia. The average house now costs more than one million New Zealand dollars ($600,000), inequality is rife, and the […]