“Creepy….Spine-tingling….HIDDEN has a spirit that draws you in and keeps you thinking well beyond the last frame.” – RICHARD TAYLOR Academy Award Winner THE LORD OF THE RINGS Year of Production: 2001 (released 2005) Genre: Mystery/Drama Budget: $7000 NZD Format: mini-DV / DVCPRO Shot and […]

Passion In Paradise Ep 1

Mature Content. This experimental drama-doco series embeds a historical documentary within a weekly soap opera set in a New Zealand University. It’s innovative approach to telling history won it a Silver Medal at the New York Festivals International Film and TV awards. 

Passion In Paradise Ep 2

Love For Sale – Episode 2 of  the Documentary and Soap Passion In Paradise focuses on the topic of prostitution in New Zealand . While Zoe is wondering is sex work is for her we see and hear from the late and great transgender rights […]

Passion In Paradise Ep3

Mature Viewing: New Zealand’s first sex scandals feature in this week’s episode. Eoni can’t cope when Craig leaves.  This unique blend of a history documentary with a weekly soap won Passion In Paradise a Silver Medal at the New York Festivals Film and Television Awards. 

Passion In Paradise Ep 4

Episode 4 It’s Complicated   Zoe discovers she’s pregnant, David confronts his ex- wife in the Family Court and John finds himself propositioned by lesbian couple Jenny and Lara. Meanwhile the group studies the life Catherine Mansfield and the Abortion Law Reform Act under the crisp, […]

It only takes one.

Charlie Higgison FilmsIt Only Takes One tells the the story of an outcast teenager who isn’t enjoying life at high school. Bullied, jealous and alone, he must decide which path to go down and where to take the growing resentment he feels towards the people […]