Meet Munch Jr

A father’s love inspires an autistic teen to express himself by bringing his cartoon character to life. Sixteen-year-old Nikau doesn’t see anyone who is quite like him. He has a unique view of the world; he also has Asperger Syndrome. Step into Nikau’s colourful world […]

He Hekenga Tuhura

Just weeks before his passing, Sir Hector Busby discusses a legacy of celestial navigation and waka carving, considering who will carry the knowledge after he’s gone. Revered Polynesian navigator, Sir Hector Busby, passed away earlier this year. During his final days ‘Sir Hec’ reflects on […]

Water Baby

Freediving royalty William Trubridge and actress Sachiko Fukumoto will do anything to bring their baby into their world, the ocean. Unable to give birth in the ocean, their favourite place, freediving superstars William Trubridge and Sachiko Fukumoto return to William’s family home in the hope […]


“A beautifully photographed minimalist documentary.” Roger Donaldson We often think of houses as strong, solid permanent things. In fact they can be weak, fragile and mobile. ‘Home’ explores the idea of what makes a house a home. Home – a short documentary film by Thomas Gleeson. […]

Wizard the magical realist

Wizard the magical realist Documentary about The Wizard of NZ who has been entertaining visitors and residents in Christchurch City since 1974 with his funny, thoughtful and often controversial performances. Produced and Directed by Christopher Jones in 2010.

Who killed Janelle Patton?

Who killed Janelle Patton? Did New Zealand chef Glenn McNeill murder Janelle Patton on Norfolk Island in 2002? Or did he, as he now  claims dispose of her  body after she had been murdered by two other people? And episode of The Investigator.

Infringed : Art & Copywrite in NZ

Created in contribution toward a Master of Arts in Media Studies at Massey University, this documentary investigates to what extent New Zealand’s artists (filmmakers, photographers, and musicians) have been destabilized by the widespread adoption of digital copyright violation. Has the rupture of traditional distribution economically […]

Amazon Explorers

A pioneering team of tropical scientists in search of new creatures and plants gets rare access to Brazil’s highest and most isolated mountain, the Pico da Neblina. Joao Fellet of BBC Brasil accompanied the scientists on their fascinating journey.