Meet New Zealand’s Toughest Female Fighters

Broadly gets up close and personal with a cross section of Aotearoa’s most ferocious female fighters as they prepare for the Lethal Ladies fight meet. There’s Wendy Talbot, who sleeps in her van so she can be closer to her gym, and Kelly Broerse, a […]

The Voguing Dance Scene in New Zealand

LGBTQ Māori and Pacific youth can face discrimination on multiple fronts, but for the members of Auckland’s growing vogue scene, art, dance and performance offer a way to reconnect with identity and community. We meet some of the city’s breakout vogue stars to hear how […]

Inside New Zealand’s Lost Hippy Commune

Hidden at the very top of New Zealand’s Coromandel Peninsula and accessible only by off-road track is the Mahana commune. Founded in 1978, for nearly 40 years its inhabitants have been elusive. Their story has gone largely unreported. But now, parts of the utopian dream […]

Crime Down Under: Undercover

What is the price of living a lie? Undercover, a three part documentary series, explores the human cost of the controversial New Zealand Police Undercover Programme, as told by former agents. In Episode One, Going Under, the official undercover programme is launched in the 1970s, […]

NZ Wars: Stories of Waitara

“NZ Wars: Stories of Waitara” combines oral histories, state of the art animations and powerful dramatic re-enactments to bring to life the narratives of Te Ātiawa in their epic battle against the military might of the British Empire.

Meme Me

The ‘Nek Minnit’ guy confronts the meme that defined him. Get ready to challenge your own perceptions of virality. The man who became a meme, Levi Hawken, recalls his joke that birthed a viral catchphrase. Living with a rare genetic condition which affects his appearance […]

The Third Richard

Danny Mulheron tells the story of the life and music of his grandfather, German Jewish composer Richard Fuchs in a crafted documentary film directed by him and produced by Sara Stretton. It is a story with many layers – not the least which is the […]