Lethal Ladies

VICE gets up close and personal with a cross section of Aotearoa’s most ferocious female fighters as they prepare for the Lethal Ladies fight meet. There’s Wendy Talbot, who sleeps in her van so she can be closer to her gym, and Kelly Broerse, a […]

Brexit, Britain & WW2

Do you know what’s going on with Brexit? Does anyone really? Three years ago, the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. Since then, the country has seen politicians resign, mass protests, deadline extensions … and ridicule by American comedians. But one thing that’s […]

Communicating the Climate Change Crisis

Catherine Murupaenga-Ikenn recently represented Pacific indigenous peoples at a climate change conference in Bolivia. In this video she talks about the impact of the Climate Crisis on indigenous peoples and how their perspectives can help lead humanity through the crisis. But how do we best […]