Don’t Quit Your Day Dream

“DONT QUIT YOUR DAY DREAM” New Zealand Film, Won first place for the “2016 Best Drama Nelson Breifs and NMIT Film Competition”, a short film by Rebecca Jephson and Megan Sabino, of Nelson Girls College, won the district award for Secondary Schools. Give us the […]

Facebook and Morality

Facebook and Morality 4 News anchor Jon Snow interviews former Facebook investor Roger Mc Namee.Last year4 News in the UK  along with the Observer, reported on how political consultancy firm Cambridge Analytica had acquired the Facebook data of 83 million users – a scandal that […]

Blind Visionary

In Tibet, superstition has it that blindness is a karmic punishment for misdeeds in a previous life. Because of this, many blind people do not get the support they need from their families and communities, and are often confined to their homes. But a blind […]

How to sell a massacre – Part 1

In the first of a two-part series: A three-year Al Jazeera investigation into the U.S. gun lobby has uncovered an effort by an Australian political party to seek millions of dollars in political funding while offering to soften strict, anti-gun laws in Australia. Al Jazeera’s […]