Budget Breakfast live Q and A

Q and A with Child Poverty Action Groups’ Budget Event  Panelists Associate  Professor Susan St John She is a founding member of CPAG and CPAG spokesperson on economics. She is an Associate Professor in the Economics Department, University of Auckland and the Director of the […]

Child Poverty Action Group’s Budget Analysis

Child Poverty Action Group’s Budget Analysis 15th May 2020 Each year the Auckland based Child Poverty Action Group analyzes the government’s budget with a particular focus on how it addresses or does not address the needs of children in Aotearoa /New Zealand. This year the […]

Counting to 4

New Zealand based children’s TV show created by Jeremy Dillion and funded by NZ On Air . It “combines puppetry, animation and live-action footage to bring a relatable yet magical world to New Zealand preschoolers and their parents.”  

Children Bugs and Breakfast

Bugman’ Ruud Kleinpaste shows us why we need our special bugs, birds, lizards and bats. Teachers and students can explore the fascinating world of pollination and learn how, without our NZ wildlife, we wouldn’t have our fruit , vegetables, crops, trees and flowers. Find out […]