About New Zealand Public Television Ltd

Kia Ora!Welcome to New Zealand Public Television – a hub where Kiwi film and television makers can screen their programmes so that other New Zealanders around our country, and around the world, can watch them for free.

We are not government funded and we don’t have shareholders. We are owned by a Trust that gathers donations and sponsorships to assist independent producers create programmes in the public interest. So, we hope you will chip in to help make that happen.

We are a multi-cultural channel reflecting the ethnic and cultural diversity of our country, so in addition to screening programmes produced in the English language, we also acquire New Zealand productions where the on-screen language is not English.

How does it work?

While NZPTV may have the look of on-demand site we operate in a very different way.

For a start, a lot of our free shows only remain up for 7 days with a new selection posted every Friday. But don’t worry, if you miss a good programme then chances are you will find it in the Pay Per View sections further down the page where the small fee to watch the show goes directly to the programme makers and not to us.

There are 4 main ways we provide you with Kiwi Content.

1) Curation

There is a lot of New Zealand related content on the web, the problem is finding it. So, one of the not-for-profit services we provide is simply to locate interesting Kiwi content on the internet, and point viewers to it. A good example is the first set of windows you come to labelled News Links which take you to the site of news agencies carrying New Zealand stories.

To be clear (as with all our work) we are not being paid to connect viewers to those sites nor do we necessarily endorse their content. It’s just a free service we offer in order to save you some time hunting for alternative sources of New Zealand news.

We also post links to Kiwi productions we have found on the web and bring them to your attention. Again this is offered as a non-profit service because pointing viewers to the websites of independent producers is one of the many ways we can help foster their work. If however you are the copyright holder of a programme you see curated on our page, and you don’t want us to point to your website, please let us know and we will take it down as soon as we can. We are here to help independent producers not to exploit them.

We welcome your suggestions (simply send us a message) however we only provide links to programmes that have been posted by the copyright holders themselves.

2) Programmes sourced from Kiwi producers.

Over the years public money has funded a great many programmes through NZ On Air.

New Zealand Public Television invites producers who have quality programmes, that may be just sitting in their archive, to screen them free for a week on our channel. At the end of that week they are transferred to our Pay Per View section where the proceeds go directly to the producers. If you are a producer or director who owns the rights to a programme for which you would like to get more of an audience please get in contact by using the “Submit a Programme” tab.

3) Programmes we help Independent producers to make.

As our donation base rises our intention is to help independent producers make important programmes they would find difficult to get placed on one of New Zealand’s commercial channels. Producers may also pitch programmes to us for which they may have already found substantial sponsorship. Again, please use the “Submit a Programme” from to tell us what you have in mind. We don’t allow ad breaks in the programmes we screen however naming rights and a beginning of the programme acknowledgement of sponsors are certainly possible provided they fall within our ethical guidelines.

NZPTV also plans to be in a position within our first year to support applications from independent producers to NZ On Air and other sources of arts funding.

4) NZPTV Productions

Last but not least NZPTV will be making its own programmes. Again they will be high value, big concept programmes produced in the public interest and public good .

Administrative Structure

NZPTV is owned and operated by The New Zealand Public Television Trust supported by public donation and sponsorships.

Our intention is also to have a 12 person advisory panel who come from a range of ethnicities, background, age and gender groups that will meets on Skype every few months to talk with our programme director to discuss what content they would like to see and be made. We are currently in the process of inviting people to be on that panel.

We are also in the process of applying for Charitable status so that donations to our not-for-profit can be tax deductible.

Your support is vital.

To survive and succeed we will need your support. So please chip in to help NZPTV an ongoing reality.