How do white New Zealanders overcome feelings of guilt, in order to take positive action against racism in Aotearoa? Land of the Long White Cloud is a seven-part documentary web-series that tells the stories of New Zealanders who are reflecting on their colonial heritage and white guilt, and the ways they push through to find a more healthy Pākehā identity. An anti-racism conversation timed to coincide with the 250 year anniversary of Captain Cook’s arrival in Aotearoa. Racism is a white problem say the makers of this 7 part series funded by NZ On Air and the argue the onus is on white New Zealanders to look at ourselves.

Land of the Long White Cloud: Episode 1 – Cook’s Legacy (Summary Episode) Government has poured millions of dollars into commemorating Captain Cook’s arrival, but why are we doing this? A number of Pākehā are unhappy with this celebration of colonisation, and demand that we start taking responsibility.

Produced by Mint Suite Made with the support of NZ On Air.

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