Fossil Free Award to Kiwi Bank

Kiwibank, the first bank in the world that has committed to withhold banking services from coal, oil and gas companies ! Filmed by Marney Brosnan – Mahi Pai Media

Meme Me

The ‘Nek Minnit’ guy confronts the meme that defined him. Get ready to challenge your own perceptions of virality. The man who became a meme, Levi Hawken, recalls his joke that birthed a viral catchphrase. Living with a rare genetic condition which affects his appearance […]

The Third Richard

Danny Mulheron tells the story of the life and music of his grandfather, German Jewish composer Richard Fuchs in a crafted documentary film directed by him and produced by Sara Stretton. It is a story with many layers – not the least which is the […]

Bryan Bruce Interview Nicky Hager

After a two years a government inquiry has agreed the allegations of wrong doing by the New Zealand SAS at an incident in Afghanistan we justified.Bryan Bruce talks with investigative journalist Nicky Hager about what was a stake for himself and our country.

Meet Munch Jr

A father’s love inspires an autistic teen to express himself by bringing his cartoon character to life. Sixteen-year-old Nikau doesn’t see anyone who is quite like him. He has a unique view of the world; he also has Asperger Syndrome. Step into Nikau’s colourful world […]

He Hekenga Tuhura

Just weeks before his passing, Sir Hector Busby discusses a legacy of celestial navigation and waka carving, considering who will carry the knowledge after he’s gone. Revered Polynesian navigator, Sir Hector Busby, passed away earlier this year. During his final days ‘Sir Hec’ reflects on […]

Water Baby

Freediving royalty William Trubridge and actress Sachiko Fukumoto will do anything to bring their baby into their world, the ocean. Unable to give birth in the ocean, their favourite place, freediving superstars William Trubridge and Sachiko Fukumoto return to William’s family home in the hope […]

Siouxsie & The Virus

A science superhero with pink hair wages war on COVID-19 to convince an entire nation to lockdown. With time running out to fight the oncoming pandemic, an unconventional expert delivers vital information to a panicked public. Go behind-the-scenes as Dr Siouxsie Wiles faces a growing […]

Zone Rouge

What happens after a war? 100 years after the guns fell silent, the people of North Eastern France are still feeling the effects of war. Seasoned Minesweeper Guy Momper and his team of De-miners extract unexploded munitions from the First and Second World War, their […]

Ode to Desolation

Ode to Desolation is proof that sometime the simplest stories can carry a powerful message. Chris Naum’s piece shares the story of Jim Henterly, a naturalist, illustrator and fire lookout as hecontemplates the dwindling days of Fire Lookouts in North America. With the influence of […]